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A driving instructor (also driving school instructor, driving tutor, or driving coach) is a person who provides driver education and/or driving lessons to help a learner driver develop the necessary skills to pass the driving test. 

Some driving instructors may also provide refresher driving courses for experienced drivers. The services of a driving instructor are normally provided by local driving schools which teach in an intensive block course over several weeks.

The term instructor is used regardless of whether there is more than one student per class. Originally, their role was that of an examiner, observing students as they drive through various maneuvers such as parallel parking and three-point turns.

Later on, however, their role changed to that of guide or assistant, driving alongside each student to provide them with driving tips, advice, and encouragement.

Some driving schools do not employ driving instructors at all, however, but use a driving school bus driven by the driving instructor or driving school owner throughout the driving lessons.

Driving instructors are required to meet the standards set out in The Code of Practice for Driving Instructors issued by the Driving Standards Agency.


An excellent driving ability;
A calm and level head;
Being clear with your instructions.


2000 - 5000$ monthly


✅ Very good pay

✅ Small competition


❌ Hard to start

❌ Expensive to start

❌ It can get very stressful


So you have passed driving school and are now looking for driving instructor jobs.

Great, driving is a great skill to have! But where do you find driving instructor jobs?

Do not look on driving schools' websites – they tend to advertise driving school-based jobs only. Try the following instead:
– Twitter: Search #drivingjobs or driving instructor jobs in your area.
– Facebook: Search driving instructor jobs or driving jobs in your area.
– Facebook groups: post your ads as a service provider.
– [your city name] local newspaper: Try searching driving instructor jobs or driving instructor roles – and look for driving instructors that do not advertise on their websites, only on newspapers. There is a chance they will be looking to pass the driving school role onto someone.
– Job sites or classified ads.

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