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September 15, 2021

What To Sell Online

eBay and Amazon can help you make some much-needed cash by selling your old stuff. It sounds easy, but what do you do when you have no idea where to start? Here are a few ideas for items that people will buy from you!


If you want to make a bit of a profit, clothing is a no-brainer. You can try recouping the cost of the clothes themselves in addition to making a little something else!

First thing's first: if it doesn't fit or you don't like it anymore, get rid of it immediately. Once that's done, take good quality photos and post them with clear specifications such as size and brand name.

People love buying designers at low prices. Some brands to consider are Burberry, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ralph Lauren.


Everyone loves books! They're small, compact, easy to ship, and pretty cheap compared to other items you could sell online. Be sure to list the condition of the book with words like "very good" or "like new."

You can also note the edition if it's not an international version (1st edition).

When selling books on Amazon, look up how much they typically sell for so you know what price is appropriate.


There are many different kinds of jewelry that people love to buy online including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Just take some photos of the item in question in decent lighting using a plain background and post them online with a minimum of words.

People who buy jewelry want to see the item in detail so let them get a good look!


People always need furniture for their homes, so it's a fantastic thing to sell online if you have any pieces that you're looking to unload. The main thing about selling used furniture is not to try and make your piece sound new because nobody will buy it.

Focus on describing the condition of your couch or dresser honestly while also adding information like style, dimensions, and the measurements of each piece when needed.

If you don't know how much someone should pay for what you are trying to sell, lookup similar items in secondhand stores in your area and use that as a guide.


People will buy broken, used, and refurbished electronics all day every day online. You can find stuff like laptops, phones, or TVs for cheap which you could sell at the same price, but why not try making some extra cash by selling it for more?

Even if your computer doesn't work anymore, someone else could want it to fix up themselves or to try and make money off of it. This is one of the best things to sell online because people need them.


People buy accessories all the time. This can be anything from sunglasses to belts to handbags and scarves.

Many people won't want a used version so if your accessory is worn out, try selling it for cheaper or throwing in a freebie with the purchase.

People will love it!


Just like jewelry, watches are very popular items to sell online because they're small and have nice designs on them.

If you've got a watch that doesn't work anymore but looks fine otherwise, take a photo of the dial and post it online for someone else who might need it!

Throw in photos of different angles so there's no confusion about what you're selling.

Dog bowls

Has an extra dog dish lain around? Put it online! Not many people actually sell random things like this, but if you have something that doesn't fit in any other category, this is a great selling point.

You can list the measurements of your bowl and how much food it holds to give customers an idea of what they're buying.

There are many different items that people will buy from you whether they're new or pre-owned! eBay and Amazon provide great platforms for getting your items in front of potential buyers so take advantage. Good luck!

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