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August 21, 2021

What Does Side Hustle Mean?

Obviously, everyone is looking for extra income. People are moving from one job to another, and they take different jobs for getting more money. Someone has a full-time job, and he/she gets additional income by working part-time or extra time on weekends.

However, people find it difficult to manage both their work and side hustle at the same time... so it is recommended that you select your side hustle with care!

Because you have to spend a lot of energy in managing your side hustles if you have two or three of them simultaneously running. On the other hand, you may not be able to survive by only doing your side hustles because there are so many persons like you who are already working as hard as they can.

Do you think side hustle is better than full-time employment? No, not really... but it depends on the situation.

What I'm talking about here is that if you are already doing a part-time job that pays you less than what you spent for your day's expenses, then running a side hustle might be good to compensate at least one-third of those expenses (or your whole expenses).

But if you are already working full-time, extra income by doing some side jobs would be a great idea!

Because there will be no second person paying money out of your salary or wages whether it is to pay bills or support yourself and/or family members. In this case, make sure that whatever work that you do, will be rewarding enough to make you feel more comfortable with the money that you have earned.

So how much does side hustle pay? It depends on your skills/talents and how many hours per week (or month) if you are a part-time worker or how long if it is extra income after your full-time employment.

But I can give an example here... as I said above that there are so many persons who are working hard at their jobs and trying to handle their side hustles as well for additional income.

If we talk about people working in some sort of warehouse or factory line, they may earn around $10 - $12 / hour! And this is one of the highest-paid jobs for a side hustle in any country.

On the other hand, web developers may get around $20-$30 / hour, some of them even earn way more than that!

This is why it is better to know your skills and talents before selecting a side hustle activity. For example; if you make handmade scarves/shawls or rugs from yarns then you can sell those on Etsy for extra income after your regular job.

You might earn good money by doing that! On the other hand, if you find yourself listening to others' problems who come to you for advice then why not offer yourself as a therapist? You could work part-time with this kind of side hustle and double (or triple) your income... and wouldn't that be great?

If you want to know more about side hustles then many places on the internet would help you get started with your own!

For example; if you google 'side hustle ideas' or something like this, Google will provide its own suggestions just out of your search query.

Or you can visit our main page for a side hustle wiki.

You may ask 'Is it hard to start a side hustle?'

Side hustles are a way to make some extra money without the commitment of quitting your day job. (so you have money to pay for your rent)

They're a great way to try out that business idea before quitting your day job. It's not hard at all to get started, in fact, it's probably easier than you think!

Do you have any question concerning what does the side hustle mean? Please leave a comment below so people can see your opinion and I'll try my best in answering them. Cheers!

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