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August 29, 2021

What Does An Event Manager Do?

An event manager is a person who makes sure that an event goes well. If you are working in this industry, then you know how everything is connected - it's like a chain; if one end gets broken, the whole thing comes tumbling down.

The role of an event manager includes:

- Researching which location will be best for your event (e.g., restaurants, hotels)

- Arranging travel and transportation for guests (if they don't drive to the location themselves)

- Meeting with vendors before the actual day so that everything runs smoothly during the event itself (examples include meeting with cake bakers or florists weeks before your wedding date to go over all of the orders)

- Arranging for a pre-determined number of staff members to work during the event (this can include bartenders, waiters, DJs)

- Dealing with caterers who provide food for your guests

- Handling payments with vendors immediately after an event is over

- Ensuring that everything from A to Z runs smoothly and according to plan during the event itself

These are only some of the tasks that an event manager must undertake. To succeed in this profession, you will need several skills:

1. Highly organized - you will need to keep track of tons of information and details about every aspect of the planning process daily so you must stay organized and focused.

2. Creative - events don't happen without a bit of creativity so you will need to come up with new and innovative ideas every day.

3. Good communicator - you will have to communicate with dozens of people each day, not only vendors but also your staff members.

4. Flexible – there's no way around it – an event manager's job requires a lot of flexibility since things don't always go according to plan.

5. Passionate – if you are not passionate about weddings, parties, or other events, then this might not be the right profession for you.

6. Hungry to learn – this industry is evolving all the time so you will need to keep up with the changes to satisfy your clients' needs.

7. Have a sense of humor – oftentimes, your job won't be easy but if you have a good sense of humor then it will make things much easier for everyone involved.

You might ask.. How to get a job as an event organizer?

To get a job as an event manager, you might need to work your way up from another position. For example, you could start at a catering company and work your way up from there.

You can also apply for an internship with a high-end event planning company.

This would give you the chance to work in the industry before becoming an event manager.

You are responsible for taking care of every detail that goes into making an event happen, from the invitations sent out to the color of your tie.

Event managers have to be very organized because it can be stressful when things fall apart at a big event.

They spend most days planning events, meeting vendors, and attending meetings with clients to decide on important details like theme or catering.

If they need to look up any information about catering, decorating, etc., they usually do this in advance so they will have all the information needed by the time their meetings arrive. The next thing that needs doing is figuring out how much money needs spending on each part of the event.

It can be hard to work out how much you should budget for every aspect of the event, but it's also very important because otherwise, your client will lose money if they are not spending enough on each part.

After planning an event, meeting with clients, and making sure you have plenty of money to spend on every part of the event, you need to start getting everything ready.

This means working with vendors to make sure catering is laid out correctly, that decorating is being done properly, that audio systems are set up at just the right volume level instead of just playing loud music all night long which could upset guests.

They also need to collect guest lists from their clients so they can start checking who has registered and who is coming to the event. This will help them with managing guest lists and entry into the event location (so that guests don't need to wait around for too long).

They also have special badges made up so they can differentiate between staff and guests.

It's important my an event manager to manage this all carefully because if they let too many people in without registering they might lose money and annoy their client.

Event managers usually work closely alongside a team of assistants, as well as venue managers, caterers, venue staff, photographers, etc.

And most importantly, their clients! A good relationship with your client is very important because you will be working closely together throughout your whole time planning the event.

At the moment they might be a client, but in the future, they might become your biggest reference for when you want to get more clients.

You need to be able to work well under pressure and handle tight deadlines because if you let deadlines get away from you it can cause issues with your client and result in him losing money.

However, if everything goes smoothly then event managers gain great satisfaction from seeing their hard work pay off, especially if everything is executed perfectly!

As long as the weather stays dry on the day of the wedding and nothing goes terribly wrong, an event manager will feel like they have done a perfect job!

So there you have it - now you know what an event manager does!

It's definitely not an easy task but if it's something that you truly love doing then do not hesitate to pursue it as a career because your passion will show through and will ensure that you have a rewarding career in this industry.

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