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August 27, 2021

What Does A Videographer Do?

When a person goes to a wedding, they expect the videographer to be someone who stands near the altar with their arms folded and does nothing.  That's not true.  A videographer is actually responsible for capturing the footage of the wedding and editing it later on so that it can tell a story.

Some videographers stand by themselves and remain quiet throughout the entire ceremony, while others work in teams; people that are assigned to different parts of the room (e.g., left side, right side, back).

The videographer must make sure they are keeping up with what's going on during the ceremony and try to avoid blocking anyone else's view as well as preventing any loudness from ruining the video such as a camera shutter.

After the wedding is finished, the videographer works on editing all of their footage and adds it into a video for the people there to remember the special day forever.

The video can be used for many purposes-like home movies or to preserve memories.  It may even end up on social media like YouTube after being edited.

A family member who wasn't able to attend the ceremony will now be able to see what happened as though they were here. The actual place where the ceremony was held can also share it with all of their friends online too!

A person needs certain skills to become a videographer, such as; a steady hand to prevent shaking) so that the video turns out clear and doesn't have any blur.  

They must also be able to multi-task; considering all of the things they might have to do throughout their day, like make sure they keep up with the bride and groom during their special walk down the aisle or catch a shot of the wedding dress when it is on display.

The more experience they have in recording videos, the easier it will be for them to learn how everything works behind a camera.  The person could start from home before being hired by someone who needs work done (e.g., weddings, graduations, etc.).

A videographer can see what it's like to be right at the center of an event instead of just seeing that on TV or online.  They record the raw footage so that they can present something to others and preserve memories while telling a story.

The person doesn't have to be in the same room as everyone else, but it helps if they are because of all the equipment they bring with them.  Such as camera lenses, tripods, a bag filled with other supplies needed for their job (e.g., SD cards), etc.).

Having the right equipment is important because they will most likely be recording videos that are used for many purposes, so each videographer must be careful when handling their equipment and keeping it clean.

Once a person becomes a professional videographer, they will be able to travel all around and possibly even become famous on YouTube once certain videos go viral! 

Videos can even end up on TV in the news if they catch enough views or popularity.  So how did this all start?

According to some sources, this is where it began: someone invented video cameras and then decided to use them for recording footage of weddings because that was considered to be something new at the time.  

In conclusion, a videographer captures all types of footage for many purposes and then edits them afterward.  They have to do it all by themselves, but they also work in teams with other videographers who are assigned different parts of the room (e.g., left side, right side, back).

The person may start working from home before becoming hired by someone to shoot videos at a specific place or event (e.g., weddings, graduations, etc.).

Their job requires them to know how to use the equipment they carry around with them along with having a steady hand so that there is no blur on their video recording.

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