🧑‍🎤 Voice acting

Side hustle difficulty: Medium 🟡


Voice acting or voice-over is essentially dubbing a foreign movie from another language into your own. It includes more than dubbing; it also includes voice-overs for animation and video games. 

This is a very rewarding job because it involves doing something that you love and in return, getting paid to do it. 

Voice acting is a fun job until you have to face the difficulties of what voice actors go through, at least in my case.

Voice acting requires a lot of talent. You have to be able to mimic the person's voice perfectly since you are trying to portray that character or person. 

You have to be able to act well or else the audience will surely notice that you do not sound like the original voice actor. 

Aside from that, voice actors have to look good enough for people to like your looks.

Another difficulty is the script. Not all scripts are the same. Some scripts require you to memorize a lot. Others will not because it is just a voice-over job so there is no need to memorize anything.


Emotional Range;
Natural Timing;
Consistency ;


$2000 - 5000 monthly


✅ Cheap to start

✅ Flexible hours

✅ Easy to start

✅ Good pay


❌ Hard to scale

❌ Sometimes there is no gigs

❌ Your voice, your money.


The best way to get clients is local. Or you can use platforms like UpWork or Fiverr and get gigs that way.

But before you get any gigs you need a small portfolio in it.

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