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August 31, 2021

Online Business Ideas

There are many different ways you can generate income through the internet, whether you're looking to create passive income sources or not. Learn about the best methods for making money on the internet and where to find success in these endeavors!

Here are a few of the most popular online business ideas being utilized today:


Many students seek help from a tutor due to busy curriculum, lack of instructor availability, or simply to gain a better grasp of the material before homework assignments and tests. As an online tutor, your job is to offer assistance with homework problems and test preparation.

The pay will depend on your qualifications as well as what subject you teach. This is an especially lucrative option for individuals who have been professors or instructors at previous jobs.

You can easily sign up for a tutoring website and become a tutor. Alternatively, you can post your resume to Craigslist or event industry listings that include job leads. If you have experience in certain academic subjects, then scan classified ads on sites like 'Craigslist' for opportunities.

Online Selling

It is very easy to start selling products online today thanks to the internet! To get started with this type of business, you will need an eCommerce store which you can build yourself or hire someone else to do it for you! You'll also need an affiliate marketing network if you don't already have one.

There are plenty of different affiliate networks out there at all sorts of price points but take extra care not just to go for the cheapest one because they may not provide the service you want.

Once you've built your online store, you can start marketing it on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic.

Freelance Writer

Many individuals choose to become freelance writers if they want to work from home because it requires very little startup costs and you're your own boss! If writing is in your blood, then you can start making money right away by selling articles.

However, you need to consider if this is an online business idea that will work for you or not. You'll have to come up with a portfolio of writing samples that show off your expertise in certain topics before potential clients are willing to hire you.

There are many different types of freelance writers so you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by being unique. This way when potential clients are looking through hundreds of applicants, yours will stand out among the rest. For more information on how exactly to do this, read our article about starting a freelance writing business.

Affiliate Marketing

The most successful types of online businesses today are affiliate-based companies. This method of making money online requires you to sign up for a service or create an account with something like Amazon Associates before you can get started!

As an Amazon Associate, you'll have the ability to promote any product from Amazon's website and earn a commission from each sale generated through your unique affiliate link.

Many people start by promoting digital products such as ebooks because they don't cost much to produce and deliver electronically.

Freelance Web Developer

It's no secret that the internet is continually expanding by the day which means there is likely going to be a high demand for web development in years to come! It may sound complicated but becoming a freelance web developer doesn't require a college degree.

You can simply follow our guide to become a freelance web developer and begin working from home!

There are many different types of websites that you can create but whatever it is, make sure it's something that has high demands and is not easily replicated by your competition.

If you have the programming skills needed to do this type of online business idea then being a freelance developer could be your ticket to freedom!

Freelance Writer

Some people start as freelance writers to build their portfolios which can lead towards working for bigger publications. This type of business idea is great if you're looking to generate high revenue every month but don't want to invest in opening up your own physical product business.

You may not receive an hourly wage for this type of online work but it's possible to make more than $10 per hour depending on how much work you take on!


If writing seems like the perfect field, why not try blogging or vlogging? The ability to share whatever is on your mind with the world of social media followers will go a long way these days

Whether you're sharing beauty tips or sharing the effects of recycling on global warming, blogging or vlogging can be done by anyone with enough time to practice!

With the right type of unique content, you could build your own brand and earn money through affiliate links.

Business Plan Writer

If you're into business then why not try creating business plans for different types of companies? Whether it's a 500-page plan for a startup or just a one-page plan for an established company, writing out these plans could be both fun and profitable! Your ideas are what make this work valuable so make sure you know what you're talking about when pitching their services to potential clients.

Accountant/Tax Advisor

The need to hire accountants is never going to die down in this world so why not get in on the passive income stream? Being able to prepare taxes can be done anywhere, anytime so there's no reason you shouldn't start by learning how to become an accountant.

Not only does this field pay well but it also allows you to work your own hours!

Social Media Specialist

If you're all about social media and love everything about platforms like Twitter and Facebook, starting a social media strategist business might be worth considering. You could help brands grow their reach through various promotions or even build up your own personal brand online! Either way, high-profile companies are shelling out big bucks for people like you who understand how social media management works.

As with any business idea online, starting small is the best way to go. If you feel like this is something worth pursuing, consider starting as a freelancer and/or partnering up with other online marketers!

Don't forget that content is king when it comes to making money online so always make sure your copy is error-free and full of value before pressing publish. Good luck!

If you're looking for additional revenue streams then consider learning how to become a Virtual Assistant. As more and more people start working from home online, the need for personal assistants becomes greater than ever!

There's plenty of work waiting for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to build their own organization so learn about what it takes to work as a virtual assistant if sounds like the perfect business idea for you.

Virtual Assistant

One of the most popular online business ideas out there is to start a virtual assistant company. The demand for personal assistants everywhere online has never been higher so this could be a great chance to get in on the action while it's still hot! You'll have to really hustle and work your way up the ranks but if you're willing to put your nose to the grindstone, virtual assistant companies are always looking for someone new!

Just like with any business idea, starting small is important so know that being an executive virtual assistant is going to be both challenging and profitable.

If you can prove yourself as a valuable asset then more opportunities will come rolling in so consider offering your services either part-time or full-time to get your foot in the door of this incredibly lucrative career path! 

Learning how to become a virtual assistant has amazing income potential.

Many people start at $10-$12/hour and then move their way up from there depending on their skill set, experience level, and work ethic. If you're really good at what you do, some companies will offer benefits like health insurance or even stock options!

A lot of hard work is involved but if you put your mind to it, the sky's the limit for making money as a virtual assistant.

Video Editing

If you've always enjoyed the idea of being an online entrepreneur then learning how to become a freelance video editor might be the perfect fit for you!

There's never been a greater need for people who know how to edit videos efficiently so start by doing some research into what it takes to become one.

If you already know how to edit videos, consider contacting local businesses and see if there's any way you can be of service – it might be as simple as recording a testimonial or promotional video for them.

Video editors are often able to charge anywhere from $20-$50/hour and, likely, the salary will only grow more and more as time goes on! It takes a lot of hard work to become good at editing but don't let that dissuade you from taking on this career path.


Another great online business idea that's popular right now is to start your own dropshipping business. If you're not familiar with what dropshipping is, it's essentially an arrangement between a supplier and retailer where the supplier will ship the item directly to the customer while taking payment from the retailer - thus eliminating (or at least minimizing) any risk for either party.

Keep in mind the world of dropshipping can be extremely competitive but don't let that dissuade you! There are plenty of opportunities out there if you know how to find them so consider checking out this course on Udemy or asking around on sites like Reddit for more information if you need help getting started.

As with any online business idea out there, starting as an independent contractor is usually the best way to go. This gives you more freedom over your schedule since you can work whenever and wherever you want. Not only that but it also gives you the chance to build your own personal business with minimal risk.

Good luck building your business online!

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