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A nutritionist is someone who helps people understand what they eat. Many people have questions about diet and lifestyle. A nutritionist can help them find the answers.

A nutritionist helps people of all ages with diet and health questions. They can provide information about healthy eating for children, seniors, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

They might help someone with a medical condition achieve better nutrition treatments, or someone with weight problems finds a better diet. A nutritionist often works for a government agency, such as the Department of Health in their state. They might also be employed by private companies, hospitals, or universities.

They may do a lot of research into nutrition and health. They could work on ways to make food grow better or to help people feel better after eating. They may also work with other scientists in nutrition departments, for example by testing what happens to someone's health if they change their diet.

A nutritionist examines the information and answers people's questions. They might also take blood samples, or set up observations where someone eats a certain diet for a while.

A nutritionist may also carry out surveys to find out about people's eating habits. For example, they might talk to parents about how much fruit and vegetables their children eat.

They could also find out from young adults if they eat at fast-food restaurants regularly. A nutritionist might work on public health projects, for example, to help people get better nutrition in the developing world. They could work on ways to help people be more food secure and have better access to healthy foods.

The future of a nutritionist is in scientific research and public health programs. They will need to be very knowledgeable about nutrition to be a success in their field.

As the country's population grows more diverse, nutritionists will need to understand how food, health, and disease affect a variety of different people.

A nutritionist works closely with doctors and nurses. They may be able to help doctors by explaining why someone needs a special diet, or work with them on nutrition-related clinical trials.

Nutritionists will have good communication skills, to help them talk with people of all ages about nutrition and healthy eating.

They will need to be patient, so they can explain things clearly and answer questions. The work is very important because nutritionists can help people get a healthy lifestyle and better health.


Able to motivate others;
An understanding of science;
Communication skills;
Ability to explain complex things simply.


$2000 - 10 000 monthly


✅ Cheap to start

✅ Flexible hours

✅ Opportunity to build big network


❌ Hard to start

❌ Hard to get an initial audience

❌ Need a lot of skill


The first and best thing you should do before even thinking about getting clients is to create a website where you can publish articles and showcase your services.

TIP: It's much easier to get people interested in you when they know you're an expert/professional in the subject you write in. A lot of people won't pay for someone's advice if they feel like it would be a waste of money. Make sure that your website displays the expertise you possess.

Choose a name that communicates what you do. Like the example above, I chose to use "nutrition" as one of my keywords because it is one of my main services. Nutrition is the most used word when searching for nutritionists, so I picked that as my keyword in my website name.

Also, I chose a word that accurately describes what my services are, which is nutrition. When people search for nutritionists they would like to find someone who is a nutritionist and not just some random fitness professional who gives out more or less good advice.

TIP: Keep your site simple and clean. Just stick to the top-level services you provide. Think of it like Subway or Starbucks, they know what they are good at, and that's why they only offer a few services to focus on the quality of those.

Another way to get clients is to build social media presence as soon as possible with the results of your clients.

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