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Music teachers work to educate students on the basics and intricacies of their chosen music instruments.

They also help students develop their musical talents. Music instructors can be seen in both private and public schools and private music instructional facilities.

Music teachers can also work with students at home by providing them with the necessary tools to accomplish their musical goals.

Music teachers, for the most part, teach the basics of music. They teach how to develop musical talent, how to play an instrument, and how to read music. Music instructors can be found in both private and public schools.

In public schools, they are chosen by the school board and are assigned specific music classes to teach. Music instructors also work with students at home who have shown an interest in pursuing music as a career.

These teachers can offer individualized instruction and have their students practice with them after school hours.


Ability to motivate others;
Determination and perseverance;


1000 - 10 000 monthly


✅ Very scalable

✅ Easy to start

✅ Cheap to start


❌ Hard to get an initial audience

❌ Profit depends on the location you are living in

❌ Can get stressful


Why not share your lesson notes or record your lessons and then upload them to a video site such as YouTube or Vimeo?

Your students and potential students can view your videos when they are not able to attend your lessons, for example, if they work during school hours you could make time for a lesson during the week at their house and then upload the lesson to a video sharing site.

You could take videos of your students practicing at home and upload them to the same website or any other online video sharing site. You can also upload other videos of you performing, playing with backing tracks in your studio and talking about music, etc.

Some video-sharing sites will let you embed your videos on your website or blog. You can then include links in your email newsletter and on social media that will take people directly to your videos that they can watch without leaving the site.

Once you have your videos up and shared through social media and your email newsletters send emails to people asking them to watch your videos.

Ask them what they thought of the videos and whether they appreciated you sharing your teaching and musical skills with them.

If people like your videos they are much more likely to visit your website, blog and if you have one, like your Facebook page.

If you have a blog in which you write and post videos explaining how to play certain songs, for example, one video could show you playing one of your favorite songs. You could then write a blog post saying 'how to play the guitar like me', or 'how to play the piano' etc.

You could also write blog posts and/or video tutorials showing your students how to play a particular piece of music. Your students will feel more motivated to learn if they see you playing on a video tutorial that they can watch at home, they will also feel more understood by you if you teach their part in a particular piece of music.

This will also be great for generating income as if you have a blog where you post these videos people will likely buy your tutorials and videos after watching them on your blog.

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