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September 8, 2021

Is Copywriting A Good Career?

One of the most common questions about professions is whether or not it's a good career choice. The answer to that question usually depends on many factors, but some careers always turn out successfully no matter what.

Let's explore one of those careers today: copywriting!

If you've never heard of the term, don't worry - I didn't know what copywriting was until recently either. But now that I'm aware of what this job entails, I can definitely see why it's considered one of the best careers for people who love writing and/or marketing. For those who remain unfamiliar with this profession, let me enlighten you further.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriters create written content for advertisements, articles, marketing materials, social media posts, product packaging, and any other types of written communication.

Their main goal is to convince the reader to buy the company's product or conduct an activity that will benefit the business in some way.

Some examples of successful copywriting that you might recognize include slogans such as "Just do it," "Because I'm worth it" and "Don't leave home without it."

Such sentiments were all created by professional copywriters who designed them to be short, concise, and memorable while making specific associations about what these phrases represent (Nike shoes and accessories, L'Oreal cosmetics, and travel-related items like car insurance).

So What Exactly Does A Copywriter Do?

Since copywriters work independently, no two people do the same thing. Here's how it generally works: a business will hire them to write content for any type of media that they use to promote their products or services.

It could be through ads in magazines and newspapers, commercials during television and radio broadcasts, and/or posts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Each assignment is different because there are many things for copywriters to take into account when creating content.

For example, they must consider what type of audience is going to see the advertisement (target demographic), what product should be promoted (product placement), which medium to use (magazine vs TV), and even who should deliver the message (personality or spokesperson).

A major part of copywriting is marketing and there are many different types that the writer must also know about.

For example, they need to be familiar with brand management, public relations, and customer relationship management - not to mention all the social media techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Copywriters don't only write content for ads; they can also create information for handouts, brochures, press releases, and other business materials as well.

Other things they might do include updating a company's website or writing articles. These professionals may even have a chance to speak on camera by producing videos or creating audio scripts for the radio.

Since copywriters are depending on their ability to sell with the written word, they must know how to do this for a variety of different things too.

This means that they need to understand concepts like persuasive writing, conversational style, and emotional appeal.

At the same time, they also have to make sure that everything is informative enough for customers or clients to easily understand what is being advertised or shared online.

What Are Some Of The Characteristics That Make A Great Copywriter?

Since this career requires someone who can communicate effectively through words, they need to be able to use language appropriately.

This means which words tend to elicit certain responses from readers and knowing how to convey the subject matter without being too confusing or complex.

Copywriters must be creative as well. When developing ads, they have to think of a concept that captures a customer's interest and then draw up an appropriate promotional strategy for it.

This means coming up with clever slogans, catchy jingles, and even memorable characters if it's going to be featured in a cartoon or video game.

If you want to learn more about this career path, check out this guide on how to become a copywriter!

What Does The Outlook Look Like For Copywriters In the Future?

In 2012, approximately 55,000 people were working as copywriters in the United States according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). By 2022, this number is expected to increase by 25% and it's expected that another 19,300 jobs will open up in this field.

This career path is definitely growing and becoming more popular with students starting their careers.

According to a survey from the University of Cincinnati, 92% of college students stated that they would like to write content for businesses and their marketing materials sometime during their lives while 86% said they were interested in engaging others via social media platforms.

Writing content for new generations

As more people recognize how valuable copywriters are, there will be even more job opportunities popping up in this field.

Businesses know the importance of getting the word out about what they do and who doesn't want to make money doing something they love?

With the rise in social media popularity, it's no wonder that this field is growing so quickly.

With the ability to connect with people all over the world in an instant, businesses are searching for copywriters who can create content that will resonate with their target audience and increase conversions.

After all, there's nothing more important than knowing what your customers want.

The Future of This Career Is Looking Bright!

Copywriting is a career path that you don't hear about very often but one that has recently grown exponentially due to its importance in successful marketing campaigns.

Not only do these professionals have to be able to sell with words - they must know how to write conversations, come up with ideas for businesses and maintain a creative mindset.

Plus, it looks like this job is only going to get bigger as more people enter the workforce and businesses continue to explore new ways of making sure their marketing strategies are successful.

If you're interested in exploring your different options for careers, think about how copywriting might be a good fit for you.

You'll be surprised at how many opportunities there are within the field and everything that goes along with it!

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