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Side hustle difficulty: Hard 🔴


Interior designers are the people who help to beautify houses and other places.

Interior design is a great profession as it allows you to see and design a wide array of interiors. Interior designers help to keep the interior design in sync with your lifestyle. They are also known as Interior decorators in England.

Most interior designers are responsible for planning, arranging objects, fixtures, and furnishings to enhance the Interior design.


A creative eye;
Attention to detail;
Highly creative;
Trend identification;
Sketching ability;


2000 - 5000 monthly


✅ Cheap to start

✅ Easy to scale

✅ Networking opportunities


❌ Not so easy to start

❌ It can get very stressful

❌ You need to have a lot of knowledge


To be successful in Interior design, an Interior designer must have good social media skills.

Your Interior designer career depends on it. Interior designers that use social media to reach new Interior design clients will be more successful in this field.

How can you use interior designer social media services to find Interior design clients?

Interior designers can get Interior design clients through Interior designer social media by posting Interior design tips, Interior design information, Interior design images of Interior designs and Interior decorating ideas. 

Interior designer social media serves as a forum that allows Interior designers to get Interior design ideas from colleagues, Interior design experts and Interior design industry experts.

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