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August 19, 2021

How to start freelance Fiverr programming

Freelance Fiverr programming is a growing business opportunity. You can get started fast by following this step-by-step guide for new freelancers.

When you start freelance programming on Fiverr, choosing a name that represents your brand and conveys trust is important. Your name should also be SEO-friendly and easy to remember.

Think about keywords you might want to target in the future. Use them in your name. For example, if you have experience with WordPress blogs or API programming, use those keywords as part of your user name on Fiverr.

Getting started

To get started posting on Fiverr, make an account. You can also register for an account using Facebook. This allows you to start selling immediately without a lot of information.

Next, complete basic details for your profile. Choose a username, add your email address and upload an image or logo if desired. You can also decide whether you want to post at 'elite' status levels right away or rather just work as a normal freelancer for now.

Once you have an account, log in and visit the 'Gigs' section of Fiverr. Click on "Post a new gig". Give your gig a name and add some details about it. Choose a category that best fits your work. You can also select the minimum price you are willing to accept, and the pricing model you want to use. This could be hourly, per word, or fixed price.

Next, click on "Post Your Gig". You are taken to a message box where you can add details about your project. Here is where you write up an interesting description for your work and provide some details about yourself including when you are available to work.

You can also upload an attachment to your gig, which will detail the specific requirements for your job.

Some freelance programmers design a detailed document that they use as a template for any project they take on. Use this space to provide as much information as you need about the project and attach it here.

You can write up a standalone document and upload it separately if you don't want to use the Fiverr template.

Some freelancers also include a 'Service Addendum' here. This is basically an agreement specifying what you are selling, time frames, payment terms, expenses incurred for completing the work, and so on.

If possible have your potential clients sign the service addendum, and then you will be protected in case you get into a dispute with them. You can use a contract generator to produce one of these if needed.

When complete, click on "Post this Gig". Wait for the system to review and approve your submission. This usually only takes a few seconds, but it could take up to 24 hours.

If everything looks good, your gig is published and available for sale. Now you can start interacting with potential buyers. When you receive a request, you will get an email notification and need to fill out the details of your project in more detail if requested by the buyer. Make sure that you clarify all details carefully here.

Provide a timeline for completing the work. You can also create milestones that show when you expect to deliver progress updates based on the payment agreed upon by you and your client.

Make sure that this is clearly stated in your project description, and make it clear how you will respond if the terms of an agreement are not followed.

You also need to make sure that you have all the tools that you will need for the job. If your client is interested in a programming gig, then provide details about any programming languages or frameworks you will require before you start. You should also be willing to discuss how your work will be delivered and when.

Some clients may only want their work delivered in a different format, or require you to submit everything via email.

If so, make sure that this is made clear before they purchase your gig.

Be aware of any potential legal issues when using Fiverr. Check with an attorney for advice if needed. You may also want to check out related services such as Upwork or PeoplePerHour to start finding more high-value clients.

These sites may have a higher minimum price for work but they can also provide you with more opportunities to earn bigger paychecks.

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