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August 20, 2021

How To Get More Clients On Instagram

Everyone knows that in the social media era, it's no longer possible to ignore Instagram.

When we rent out our properties for holidays or even look for tenants, using this photo-sharing platform has begun to become an essential part of doing business especially if you're a real estate agent or a property seller.

How many clients do I get on Instagram? It depends largely on how well you know what services or products are good and useful.

But having said that, with the right method used (and applied correctly), there's no doubt that you will attract more clients to work with you, be it by getting more leads or even gaining a better reputation.  

So are you ready? What do we do next? Let's find out!

#1:Set Up A Profile Page

Before you start using Instagram to advertise your properties, it is important that you first set up an account using your business name or website address as the username. The reason for this simple step is so when people search for your products and services online, they will be able to connect and identify who offers such services or goods.

"It doesn't matter how good a product or service is if nobody knows about it."

#2: Create Great Visual Content

What good is an Instagram account if it doesn't promote visual content? Users love to share photos and videos on social media, so make sure your posts are eye-catching!

The most compelling reason for a customer to choose one product over another is the story it tells.

#3:Post Regularly

It is important that you maintain a regular posting schedule. This will help you maintain your followers' attention as well as attract new people into following you. 

Not all real estate agents have the time or skills to be creative with their photographs but if you found the right supplier for your business, they can do both property photography and video clips.

#4: Follow Others!

This is the last phase but it's quite essential. This is where we follow others and they will do likewise in return.

Try to stick with businesses of like kind, because this will be a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences. But if you're looking for more clients on Instagram, then try not to exert too much effort on marketing your account; instead, market other people's accounts as well!

#5: Measure Your Results!

A lot of business owners, especially first-time entrepreneurs, often forget to measure their results after using a certain marketing strategy.

To help you not be in that situation, these three tools can help you track and measure your success over time;

#6: Stay Updated With The Trends!

Successful businessmen know the importance of staying updated whether if it's with the latest trends in technology or simply new ways of doing things. Instagram is no exception!

Always stay up to date on what photographers are doing these days so you do not lag behind and become less relevant when compared to your competitors. Here are some useful links you can check out for some trending news;

#7: Keep Your Focus!

If you are using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, keep to the services or products that you market.

What I mean by this is don't start posting pictures of cats and memes just because some of your friends do so.

Be authentic in what you do and be consistent with it! People like consistency these days since there are more chances that they'll remember who you are. 

Remember, people will always want to know about your business; especially if you give them a reason too.

#8: Set Goals!

If you have chosen to use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, then it's important that you first set goals.

It doesn't have to be a long-term goal or even an end goal; just something small like getting 10 new followers a week for example. To make sure your goals are being met, do some research on how other businesses did the same thing.

This will give you more insights into what works and what doesn't work in this case.     

To sum it all up, using Instagram in real estate is quite effective but not nearly as effective if you don't know how to market yourself correctly. Keep in mind the simple steps I've mentioned above and keep following them until everything in your business is running smooth!

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