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August 26, 2021

How to Get Clients as a Freelance Web Developer

If you want to learn how to get clients as a freelance web developer, you've come to the right place! It's important that as a freelancer, you have an effective client outreach strategy.

What does this mean? Marketing efforts should be targeted at your target market and focused on adding value for potential clients. In other words, don't be pushy.

Let potential clients come to you instead of trying to sell your services in a way that feels unnatural, or you could lose customers before you even get started!

In this article, I'm going to tell you how to get clients as a freelance web developer by targeting the right market with a value proposition and marketing outreach. Let's get started!

First, you need to decide what type of clients you want to work with. Are they mostly individuals or businesses? What types of businesses are your target customers? Do you want to specialize in a specific industry?

This step is important because it'll help guide the rest of your marketing efforts. For example, if you're looking to work primarily with businesses, you might want to consider a more direct sales approach in your outreach efforts.

If you want to go after individuals as clients, it would be better to focus on making yourself known through influencers first. This means that if you have an offer or article written by an influential blogger who's interested in what you do, you could reach out to them and offer your services as a web developer.

In this case, you would be providing value for the influencer by giving them more content to share with their audience! Marketing yourself in this way is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Once you've figured out what type of clients you want to work with, it's time to create a value proposition. This is a one-paragraph statement that sums up the top reasons why clients should choose you.

If possible, try to include specific numbers. For example, if you specialize in building eCommerce sites, your value proposition could be that you have over 10 years of experience and can provide services at 25% below industry standard!

Once you've created a value proposition, it's time to start marketing yourself! This is the part where most people get overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. However, there are plenty of ways that you can market your services without spending a ton of money. Here are some free or low-cost ideas:

- Create an online portfolio with a contact form

- Create and post YouTube videos demonstrating your skills

- Write articles about the type of work you do, targeting your potential clients

- Join online forums related to the type of work you do (e.g., WordPress)

Don't forget to follow up with leads! Stay in touch with people who show interest in what you do and update them on your progress. If you act fast, you'll get the upper hand over other freelancers in your market!

If you want to know how to get clients as a freelance web developer, follow these steps and start earning money for your services!

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