🐩 Dog stylist

Side hustle difficulty: Medium 🟡


Dog styling or dog grooming as a side hustle is becoming even more common these days. More people in need of an extra income start dog styling as a side business and some just do it on demand. Dog grooming while is quite lucrative can become complicated if you don't know what to expect!

There are several ways how dog stylists make money with dogs. There are two main categories that we will cover here: starting your own dog salon or servicing them at their owners' homes (dog boarding).


Excellent Customer Service;
Good Eye-Hand Coordination;
Ability to Manage Temperamental Dogs;
Grooming Knowledge;


1000 - 5000$ monthly


✅ You choose your working hours

✅ Cheap to start

✅ Easy to start


❌ Hard to scale

❌ Payment depends on your location

❌ Can be time consuming

❌ Hard to master this skill


Dog owners are always on the lookout for dog grooming services. They want their dog to look good, and a dog groomer will deliver in this regard. People who take dog grooming courses can become dog stylists once they learn how dog clipping works.

It is best to get the services of someone that has completed dog styling course so that you have an easier time when looking for dog groomers online. It will be easy to tell whether or not an individual has been trained as a dog haircutter by checking out their work portfolio, which should also include photos of dogs before and after being groomed by them.

So the best way is to start your social media account and create a website around this niche.

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